The first question almost every transfer student has is " When does clinical start".  


We are a direct entry program-- that means, when you are admitted, you are a nursing student.  There is no secondary application process, and you will continue to progress (and get into the courses on your track) as long as you maintain an overall 2.0 gpa  AND a grade of C or better in all of your nursing classes.


We are able to stay a direct entry program because we limit the number of students we accept.  That is the only way we can guarantee clinical placements and uninterrupted progression.


The next question is usually, how long will it take me to finish?   That depends on your prior coursework. I would recommend you do 2 things.  First, check our curriculum track on the website.  Secondly, start an application and submit your official transcripts for review.  After this review, we can tell you exactly where you will fall in the curriculum.  Make that 3 things--- thirdly, visit campus.  The enrollment staff will organize a tour, you can meet with financial aid, and even sit down with myself or  one of the nursing faculty advisors. 


We still have openings in our fall 2014 class for transfer students, with options to start full or part time.  


Hope to see you on campus.


Dr. Jenks