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Adrian Robillard

Officer Elections

Posted by Adrian Robillard Jul 2, 2014

First off, we'd like to say a big thank you to last year's officers: Charlie Scanlon, Michael Fricke, Karl Hundt, Greg Kucab, Matt Drea, Arnie Dojan,  Nathan Blank, and Adrian Robillard.


And also welcome in our new officers! They are as follows:


Chairman: Karl Hundt

Vice Chairman: Adrian Robillard

Secretary: Lauren Goulet

Program Coordinator: Brandon Vanderheyden

Sponsorship Coordinator: Ben Mueller

Treasurer: Simon Gall

Webmaster: David Doyle

Senior Design Liaison: Greg Kucab


Congratulations to all of the new officers and we are all looking forward to an exciting year!

Adrian Robillard

Fall Quarter Updates

Posted by Adrian Robillard Nov 17, 2013

Well it’s been a great start to the 2013-2014 school year. 2013-09-16 12.15.27We had great attendance from board members as well as those involved in design projects at our annual Student Org Fair.  This helped to continue the strong presence our SAE chapter has at MSOE, as many new faces have joined the ranks at our meetings.  We have big plans to get the chapter involved not only in community events but also with our neighboring student chapters at UW Milwaukee and Marquette.

Already this quarter, we have had an impressive collection ofimageindustry professionals come to share their experiences and knowledge about working in the automotive field.

Week four, our chapter has had the pleasure of hearing from Paul Gessler, a recent graduate of MSOE working on graduate studies at Marquette University.  He shared his experiences working at Johnson Controls and their implementation of model based design.  He outlined methods of applying this process to the automotive industry.




MSOE SAE welcomed Jim Colegrove for our third meeting.  Jim is the senior composites manufacturing engineer at Trek Bicycle.  He spoke about the advantages of composites and factors driving the development of composites technology.  He also explained the challenges involved with manufacturing quality parts from carbon fiber.  Finally, each member also received their own sample of prepregnated carbon fiber cloth.



For week eight, our chapter heard from some representatives from Modine Manufacturing, a frequent employer of MSOE graduates.  They spoke about developing technologies in exhaust gas recirculation, and particularly, their EGR coolers for commercial vehicles.  They spoke about the rigorous testing testing involved in developing a product that can last the life of a commercial vehicle.


As usual, our final meeting was updates from the design teams.  MSOE SAE has many opportunities to get involved in design work that employers desire.  Among the list are Supermileage, Formula Hybrid, Baja, and Aero.  Supermileage is building a gas vehicle to achieve maximum fuel economy and new this year is an all electric car to compete in a second class.  Formula Hybrid is completing a gas/electric hybrid racecar.  The previous year’s team built a new frame and suspension, leaving the powertrain to be designed for this year’s team.  Baja is working to complete their hydraulic powered all terrain vehicle to compete in hill climbs and towing events.  Aero is working to improve from a very successful remote controlled airplane design of the previous year to accurately drop a payload on target.  Want to get involved in any of these exciting projects?  Help is welcomed from any experience, class level, and major!  You can check out any of their Facebook pages or let one of our officers know and we’ll get you connected.


Our chapter has also been involved with the professionals in SAE Milwaukee.  Our student section has always had a strong presence in the Milwaukee professional chapter.  Earlier this fall, we were welcomed to their presentation on the 2014 Stingray Corvette.  MSOE was also the only student section to attend the Milwaukee chapter meeting at MIAD to learn about the Brooks Stevens engineering design firm and their development of the Excalibur ultra luxury vehicle.  Fun fact: Brooks Stevens designed the current MSOE logo in 1978.

Finally, MSOE had a successful evening at the Milwaukee chapter SAE Student Night.  This was a great opportunity to demonstrate the chapter’s strength and show off our design team’s vehicles.  We also got to see what the other schools in our regional chapter were up to: their chapter events and design team progress.  MSOE’s presentation won second place and $1400 for the chapter to continue improving the experience that each of our members receives as part of their membership and involvement.

We’ve got big things planned for the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year so stay tuned and keep enjoying your free pizza at each meeting!