Hello all and welcome to Team Carbonair's new site on the Hub. Since this is our first year using the Hub, things will progress slowly as we transfer everything over from our previous website over to this one.


The year has begun and so has the progress on the vehicles. A quick update on what has gone on so far this year:


1) The team has been registered for two competitions: the SAE Supermileage Competition and the Shell EcoMarathon.


2) The steering system has been improved to reduce the amount of play in the steering system.


3) The electrical team created a proposal that was presented to Dr. Panhans (ME Dept. Chairperson) and members of the Electrical Engineering Department to discuss the possibility of constructing an electric car.


4) The body team has received the wooden molds used to lay up the carbon fiber body from MCT, one of our many sponsors, and has begun the process of making the body.


5) The engine team has been working on redesigning our fuel delivery systems in order to simplify them and reduce weight. They have also designing a new intake for the engine and researching the new engine that SAE International will be requiring for the SAE Competitions in upcoming years.


If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this site, please let us know in the comments below!