Congratulations to all spring Tau Beta Pi Initiates!  Your accomplishments are great and we look forward to what you can bring to our organization!


RSVP now to learn about analytical problem solving from this Tau Beta Pi Engineering Futures session Thursday, January 29th at 5pm in L305.  Dinner will be provided!  You can sign up using this link: Tau Beta Pi Engineering Futures Session - Analytical Problem Solving  Attending this session counts as 2 TBP service credits and is a great opportunity to learn so we hope to see you there!

Congratulations to all those inducted into Tau Beta Pi at our 2014 fall initiation this evening.  Members from MSOE, Marquette, and UWM chapters joined for the initiation which was held at MSOE's Alumni Partnership Center.  To learn more about Tau Beta Pi, check out:


Congratulations MSOE initiates!


Congratulations UWM initiates!


Congratulations Marquette initiates!

Sam Scharles

Tau Beta Pi Officers

Posted by Sam Scharles Oct 8, 2014


The president oversees all activities of Tau Beta Pi. He or she runs all chapter meetings and is usually the main contact between the organization and other groups or individuals.

Ezra Imes

Electrical Engineering


Vice President

The vice president supports the president in overseeing the organization. The VP must fill-in for the president when they are absent. One of the main activities the vice president must oversee is new member initiation.

Justin Collins

Mechanical Engineering



The treasurer is in charge of maintaining funds available for use by Tau Beta Pi.

Rebecca Majewski

BioMolecular Engineering


Corresponding Secretary

The corresponding secretary is the main contact between Tau Beta Pi National Headquarters and the local chapter.

Nicholas Drobka

BioMolecular Engineering

Recording Secretary and Cataloguer

The recording secretary is responsible for taking minutes of chapter meetings. The recording secretary supports the president and vice president by assisting with the completion of other paperwork and tasks.The cataloguer maintains member status of Tau Beta Pi members, keeps track of the digital catalogue cards, and takes meeting attendance.

Matthew Reichartz

BioMolecular Engineering

Public Relations and Website Chairperson

The public relations and website chairperson maintains the chapter’s bulletin board on campus and acts as the webmaster for the Tau Beta Pi website. He or she is also responsible for tasks related to increasing the awareness of Tau Beta Pi with students and the community. Maintenance of the organization's university mailing lists is also handled by the Public Relations and Website Chairperson.

Sam Scharles

Electrical Engineering

- See more at:

Congratulations to Dr. Livingston, our newest elected Tau Beta Pi faculty adviser.  We look forward to how you can shape our chapter with your ideas in the future!


Thank you to Dr. LaMack for your service to our chapter over the years!

Congratulations to our new Tau Beta Pi Officers:


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our Tau Beta Pi chapter please let us know!  We look forward to serving you!

Congratulations to all those inducted into Tau Beta Pi at our spring initiation.  Members from MSOE, Marquette, and UWM chapters joined for the initiation.  To learn more about Tau Beta Pi, check out:



Congratulations to new MSOE TBP members!



New TBP members from UWM, Marquette, and MSOE.

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