These are the books my MSOE Freshman son decided to bring on to college.  I didn't have any influence on the selection of these books.  I didn't notice them until I was unpacking on move-in day.  They were his choices.  Choosing MSOE was also his choice.   At his high school graduation party, he told many people he was excited because he was going to a school he selected.  It's one of our children's first "big decisions," although parents have a big part in the selection process (especially financially.) 


So back to the books, Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil, Stewart O'Nan's The Circus Fire, and Calculus.  Memnoch: Drew and I often read books at the same time (from when he was little) and compared notes, Harry Potter, Last Olympians, Redwall Abby Series. Also, we have had many discussions on Lestat the Vampire and his many misadventures.   The Circus Fire: it's an account of the 1945 circus fire in Hartford, CT.  My father, aunt and grandparents were in that fire.  They all survived, but there was a time when my grandmother was on the "dead" list (turned out to be another woman who fell on her purse.)  So I guess he's going to finally read it.  He really likes history and it has some great information in there, although it will never gain the popularity of an Anne Rice book.  I'm told there is artifacts from the fire at the circus museum in Baraboo, WI, what an interesting connection.  Calculus: well that's his father, he's the engineer.  I guess Drew will bone up on a little light calculus reading.  Well it will be a big part of this life and he chose it, right? 


MSOE was Drew's choice.  I'm in education and I created a rubric for him to evaluate his final three choices for colleges.  MSOE had the highest point value.  But, it wasn't until he went back up for a visit and talked with more people, that he made his decision.  His choice!  But somehow, with those books on his shelf, I feel like he chose to bring a little of his parents with him.  I was the president of the parent group when he was in elementary school and my husband was the cub scout pack leader, I was his volunteer boss, and dad was his soccer coach, we have always inserted ourselves into his world.  Well I guess we need to back off.  God it's going to be hard. 


Oh, and I wish there was a nanny cam in those books, but alas  . . .