When I was around 10 years old mom packed me off to camp.  It was the longest time I had spent away from my family.  One of my fondest memories, aside from my amazing role as Cindy the Disco Queen (80s version of Cinderella), was the care packages my grandmother sent me. We ate pretty healthy in camp, but grandma would smuggle in cupcakes for my whole cabin of girls.  I can picture in my mind the wooden closet, with a curtain for a door, hiding my contraband of sweet goodness.  The sprinkled treats went fast so refrigeration was not an issue, but getting them past the front gate was.  Luckily grandma was a lovely old silver-hair alumni of Camp Ayapo, so she could talk her way in even with a large box under arm. 

But, I'm getting the questions now from my son's grandmas "what should we send him?"  It's just like the birthday present question, you don't want to give them your best ideas.  You want to save those for yourself.  My real concern is making my care packages memorable, like grandma's forbidden confections.  I'm thinking about something that will always appear in them, like a funny pencil.  Or maybe mini milestones, "congratulations you completed your first month" here's a post-it notepad. Wish me luck! Wish us all luck!