All schools and colleges aim to provide quality education to their students and want to make distinct position among other institutes, but there is something missing in our educational institutes. They fail to provide students with a success track. Every student has different approach to learning. Schools and Colleges don’t focus on diversity of teaching.

Students are taught what to learn in the institution, either you institution have to change this teaching process or students have to change their approach to learning. They have to discover how to learn a new thing.

Teachers must have a new approach to teaching. They should teach smarter not harder. And to achieve this approach, they also need special training. Assessment can be very difficult for a teacher in the classroom, but without it a teacher can’t find out how to teach properly. However this can be done with collecting student’s data, as this helps more for teachers. The most effective assessment would direct student’s feedback, which help a teacher find week points.

The most fatal mistake intuitions do is, they make assessment a do or die situation. The situation should be changed. They students should be given one more chance to demonstrate the success. Beside some of these points, I will come up with further detailed information through this blog in future.

Meanwhile BISE Lahore matric result 2014 is yet to be announced, which is waited by thousands of students every year. Basically it defines their fate because the colleges in Pakistan only admit those students who have been high scoring in matric exams. So I wish best of luck to BISE Lahore students for this result.

Let’s get back to the point, this topic of this blog is so widen and I will surely keep posting some interesting stuff on this topic. I hope you will find it helpful too and I seek your feedback through comments.