I am very proud of and excited about what the nursing students and faculty do, and I want to share that . So here goes the first of my weekly blogs on  'What did the nurses do last  week?'


Week 7 Spring quarter 2014

     This was a big week for our sophomore nursing students.  They recently finished the dreaded medication check off and math test (has to be passed with 100%) and are now giving medications to patients in clinical.  While giving medications is a big deal when you are a student, there is so much more that happens in those clinical settings.  I saw a lot of stress and tears during the week of check offs.  This week, it’s different.   Nicole, one of my advisees, was all smiles telling me how she made a difference for one of her patients, Hannah talked about how she was able to advocate for her patient.  I overheard another student talking about her experience in caring for a laboring woman and being a part of the family’s birth experience.   I even heard someone say about the check off process, “that wasn’t so bad”.


     Did you see the story about us in the Saturday Journal Sentinel?


Tues, April 22 was a pretty incredible day in the Ruehlow Nursing Complex.    A group of nursing faculty, led by Dr. Jane Paige, have been working with the Medical College of Wisconsin, gerontology department, on an inter-professional education project. This project brought together junior nursing students and sophomore medical students.  Working in teams, they interviewed and assessed a hospitalized elder patient with dementia.   The focus of the simulation was inter-professional communication and understanding each other’s practice.   The patients were actors accompanied by their adult grandchildren (played by a 4th year medical students).  All of the actors deserved Oscars.  I was so proud of our nursing students.    Read more about this at http://www.jsonline.com/news/education/msoe-medical-college-team-up-to-teach-improved-medical-coordination-b99254063z1-256781131.html