Make that the last couple of weeks.  The Nursing department has been a busy place this summer.   Focus on Nursing, our pre college summer program was, yet again, a great success.  And that is because of the great work by Professors Barkimer and Schuster. The students went on several field trips, including Flight for Life, Children's hospital, and the E ICU at Aurora.  They took really good care of the Mose family (our high fidelity mannequins) and learned some basic first aid. 


Last week was the end of the 10 week summer session.   Today--it's Sunday afternoon, gorgeous weather--  and 1/2 the class is on campus studying for final exams.  . 


Last week in clinical, the accelerated second degree students in NU 2521 (2nd term course) did vision screenings. 


The students in NU 4701 finished up pediatrics and med surg.   they are still busy though.  Final exams are next week and then they have their mental health rotation.  


Best of Luck on final exams                                                     Dr. Jenks