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Phys.Org Mobile: Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter


Molecules of photons? Whaaat?


Yey science!

I am a gamer and collector of things I like. This being the case, I was instantly interested in collecting the "badges" on the MSOE HUB. My profile indicates I earned one badge thus far, Scout. I have actually fulfilled the requirements to earn "In The Game", "Your Opinion Counts", and "Vote For Pedro" but I have still not received said badges. I guess I am done with that. It is like playing a pseudo-game such as farmville for a while until you realize it is a hook with inedible bait and then you swim away in search of the real thing.


Also, I am not understanding how the following occurs: I am logged in to HUB. I log out. I return to the site at a later time, click "login" and find myself logged in without being prompted to enter my login name and password. My browser is set to never remember passwords. A little insight or help is desired.


Homework, YEY!