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Hello all,


I first want to start off with thanking every reader of my first blog post (Travelling to MSOE). I would also like to personally thank Dana Grennier and Seandra Mitchell for sparking the idea of creating a personal blog. I hope my readers (new and old) will enjoy my blog for the coming future!


The topic of this entry will cover my first day or rather, night, at MSOE.




It was September 1, 2013 at MSOE Roy W. Johnson Residence (RWJ) Halls. Finally arriving at MSOE, I was still ecstatic and the long flight did not seem to tire me at all or cease my joy of officially setting foot on my college’s campus. I remember standing outside of RWJ with just my light blue duffle bag (my luggage was still stranded at the airport). I looked up towards the top of RWJ, amazed that I will be living here for my freshman year. It was a 12 floor building, and my assigned room was 1205. When I snapped out of my amazed phase, I began my trek towards the entrance of the lobby to RWJ. There were welcome signs and free refreshments at the door. Fortunately, there wasn’t a crowd to impede my checking in process. That reason behind that was probably because I arrived at RWJ around 6pm (pass the designated check-in time).


When I first entered RWJ, I asked an RA at the booth about where I would check in. Upon asking the question, another RA, Amber Koeune entered RWJ and she was asked to check me in. She told me to follow her, and we went down the hall pass the elevators to the game room where she checked me in. She handed me my paperwork and gave me the usual informational speech about the first things I should do. I asked her about getting my ID, and she said that the ID office was closed at the time. This meant that I would have to wait till the next day to get my ID. That was unfortunate. After getting checked-in and helped out by Amber, I went to the elevators to go up to the 12th floor. Going up the elevator, my thoughts were running around in my head. I thought about the layout of the 12th floor, how the rooms looked like, how my roommate looked like and other randomness.


I heard the ding of the elevator and I was on the 12th floor. It didn’t take me that long to find my room, 1205. When I enter my room, I see my roommate, Cody Hecht and shook hands with him.  We introduced ourselves and I settled in. The first thing I did after introducing myself to my roommate was look out the window. The view in my room was great! At that point, I knew that Room 1205 was one of the best rooms to have. After looking at the view, I texted my fellow friend/former high school classmate, Jake Nell Bueno to come to my room. He too was a freshman and we decided on going to MSOE. He came up to my room and I introduced him to my roommate. We went down to Jake’s room because I was curious to check out his layout and I was able to meet his roommate, Anthony Gnas. Unfortunately, Jake and Anthony did not have an as great view that Cody and I had.


After checking out Jake an Anthony’s room, I went back up to the 12th floor to rest a little bit and check my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter). While resting, our floor RA, Brent Radlinger came in to the room to introduce himself. Kevin Spaeth, a sophomore Software Engineer (same major as me!) accompanied Brent and also introduced himself. Kevin and Cody then had a little chat about games. I talked to Brent and asked him some general questions about MSOE and college life. Before both sophomores left, Brent invited Cody and I to a dodgeball game involving other floors that was to be held on the first floor of the Kern Center.


My luggage bag, filled with all my clothes was not with me at the time so I had no basketball shorts to wear to the dodgeball game. However, thankfully for my roommate, he let me borrow one of his. I was amazed at the size and features of the Kern Center. It was a great gym facility and I felt lucky that MSOE students were allowed to use it. The dodgeball game was held at the basketball arena on the first floor. I remember entering the arena for the first time and gazing at the walls which extended out high into the ceiling and decorated with MSOE spirit (banners and such).


There were a lot of participants for the dodgeball game. I think there were residents of three different floors present. It had been a while since I last played dodgeball, but I had a lot of fun. I wasn’t good at it but I was able to get some people out. While playing dodgeball, I was approached by Robert Uehara who asked if my name was Gerald. Apparently, he remembered me from Bridge during the summer when he commented on one of my status updates. I was surprised that he recognized me and I was glad that he did. He was one of the new friends I made that night.


After the dodgeball game, I went back to the dorms to rest again and lounge in my room. It was almost 10pm and I hadn’t realized how fast the night went by. I then received a call informing me that my luggage was ready to be picked up. I head outside of RWJ and retrieved my luggage from the delivery person, Bob (just a generic name, I think it was actually Steve). Now my worries about my luggage were lifted off my shoulder and I could fully rest easy.


Immediately after I got my luggage, I went to take my first shower in the dorms. I felt uncomfortable at first because it was a public bathroom but I knew that it would take a little getting used to. With all my belongings here with me in the dorms, I was finally able to organize everything. My drawers, closest, and shelves were now being put to good use.


At this point, the hours put into travelling to MSOE hit me. I was excited for the next day, which was the official start of Welcome Week 2013. I was reading the agenda for the week before hand and looked forward to all the events I will be attending. Though I was still excited, it was about time for me to take a good rest. I set the alarm on my phone so that I would be up early for the events. I turned my laptop off and put everything that I didn’t need, away. As I lay on my bed, I thought about the upcoming school year and the start of an amazing first week at MSOE. Just like that, my thoughts gathered in my head and I instantly fell asleep.




My first day/night was filled with a lot of great experiences. What struck me throughout my first day was that MSOE and the people here are so friendly! I am truly glad that I chose to come to MSOE.


Hope you all had a Blessed Easter Sunday!

Hello all,


This will be the the first entry of my new blog Gerald's Journey. I will be talking about my journey from start to finish at MSOE. As of right now, I don't know how many entries I'll make but I hope to create as much as I can.


The topic of this entry will cover my travel's to MSOE.




It is August 31, 2013 at the Honolulu International Airport. My flight is scheduled to leave at 10pm. I arrive at the airport with my family at around 7pm. Reflecting back on my life, I feel that I have accomplished so much and will be moving forward onto a new journey through college. As I approach the gate with my family and luggage(one big khaki suitcase and a dufflebag), I see a couple of my close friends. We share some final laughs together as we begin to go our separate ways towards life after high school. At that time, I honestly felt that it wasn't a big deal, leaving Hawaii to go to MSOE. As I ready to leave to board the plane, I say my final goodbyes to my family and friends. My mother of course, shed some tears, her eye's full and red. I hug everyone and wish them luck for I will be back whenever I am able to. When I enter the gates, I take the long walk to the waiting area for passenger boarding. I sit down and a couple of minutes later, someone announces that the flight will be delayed for an hour. This meant that I will be leaving at 11pm to Seattle (my first layover). I sit back and relax in my seat, tinkering with my phone, messaging people on Facebook and checking my Twitter feed.


The wait goes by really quickly and I board the plane. This was a huge moment in my life because it would be my first time boarding a plane all by myself and flying solo. I sat next to a couple who seemed pretty polite. We didn't talk much but that didn't bother me. The flight to Seattle took about 4-5 hrs. As the plane landed in Seattle, I immediately inspect my surroundings. This was my first time ever setting foot on the mainland. I stayed in Seattle for a few hours. I sit in the boarding area and prepare my self for the 10 hour flight to Minnesota.


I board the plane and was seated in the front row. I sat next to very kind lady who had her two dogs as company. I told her that I was going to college and she shared that her daughter was currently attending college. We talked for a bit until a gentleman walked up to us and asked if either one of us would mind switching seats. He wanted to sit with his wife and was originally assigned a solo seat at first class. I look at the lady sitting next to me and she looked back at me. She told me to go ahead and take the seat. I sat in first class for 10 hours and it was great.


The plane landed in Minnesota and I was at a whole new state. The 10 hours were tiring but my excitement did not die down at all. I still found myself inspecting my surroundings, soaking in the sights. Again, I took another long walk to the next boarding area, the final boarding area, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I decided to not take the speedwalk thingies at Minnesota. I wanted to walk and take my time. This flight took about an hour to get to Milwaukee and I was glad.


Landing in Milwaukee, I made sure to secure my luggage. It was about 6pm at that time. Upon departing the plane, I headed straight to the baggage claim area. I anxiously waited for my belongings. I was able to retrieve my duffle bag but my suitcase was no where to be found. I head over to the information desk and I was set up with a delivery person to drop off my luggage at the Roy W. Johnson(RWJ) Resident Hall at MSOE. The lady at the desk knew I was from Hawaii because she said that I talked like her friend who was also from Hawaii. I asked her if it was my voice or if I had an accent and she said that there was a distinct sound in my voice that sounded like her friend's voice. I guess people from Hawaii have unique voices or accents. After talking to her, I exited the airport and decided on my mode of transportation to MSOE.


I see some cabs across the street and knew that this would be the ideal mode of transportation to MSOE. Driver's were already waiting for customers and one driver took the initiative to offer me a ride. I told him where I wanted to go, 1121 North Milwaukee St., the address to RWJ. Throughout the whole car ride, I looked out the window, seeing how Milwaukee looked like by cab. It was amazing and looked very historical. Of course, way different from back home. The cab ride took less than 30 min and I arrived at MSOE safe and sound.




Looking back at that time, I remember how fun it was to travel to MSOE. It was a great experience and a milestone in my life. I look forward to the rest of my years here at MSOE.