Today for lunch I went out to eat at Bastille Days. I checked out the food vendors last night online to see what they had on their menus. My main goal was to try out some French cuisine. What stuck out to me was the Gigot d'Agneau (Roast Leg of Lamb) served by Lagniappe Brasserie. I've never tried lamb before so I had to get this. The dish turned out to be a pulled lamb sandwich with a savory sauce. Devouring this sandwich was not pretty. My left hand was soaked in the sauce after my last bite and I had to wash up. It was worth the $7. Lamb tasted great! Next up, I wanted a French dessert. At first I wanted to get some crêpes but I already had them before back home. I remembered that there was one French dessert that I have always wanted to try. And that was the crème brûlée. From my research, I discovered that there were three food vendors serving this sweet awesomeness. Two vendors sold it for $4 and the other vendor sold it for $5. I settled with the $5 crème brûlée and wanted to see if the extra dollar was worth it. I made my purchase at the Sciortino's Bakery booth. When I first set my eyes on my crème brûlée, I knew that I made the right choice. It was served in a light brown ceramic dish and the crème brûlée had a perfect caramel char on top. I needed to sit down to eat this and enjoy every bite. Custard never tasted so good in my life! It was a $5 will spent. Crème brûlée is amazing and the next time I see it on a menu, I will order it. Today's lunch was quite memorable. I am glad that I get to keep the dish as a momento for my first crème brûlée experience and first year at Bastille Days.