Hello from the Alumni Office,


I hope this finds you enjoying life after graduation from MSOE. We miss you, of course, and want to stay in touch. It’s always great to hear what your new job entails, how you like living in a new place, where your travels have taken you, family news, etc. Fill us in so we can stay connected.


We continue to enhance our new web site – HUB – which is part-content and part-virtual. It’s really fabulous and a wonderful way to learn what’s going on here and with your MSOE friends, in real time. Check out the web – it still can be found at www.msoe.edu You will need to register to get a login and password to view the social media side of it.


I also want to let you know that the Registrar’s Office has changed your status from STUDENT to ALUMNUS. In several months your name@msoe.edu will be inactivated. I ask you to be sure we have your preferred email address (gmail, yahoo, etc) OR that you migrate your current name@msoe.edu to name@alumni.msoe.edu


If you wish to migrate your old MSOE student email address to a new MSOE alumni address, here are the steps to do so:

  1. 1. Go to www.msoe.edu and enter as a guest – do this before you register as an alumnus on the new HUB
  2. 2. On the top title bar, click MORE, then choose Alumni Affairs
  3. 3. Scroll down and click on My Resources under Alumni Services
  4. 4. Click on Alumni Email Access and migrate your address
  5. 5. Questions about this? Contact MSOE IT Dept at (414) 277-2356 or Nicole Duncan in the Alumni Office at (414) 277-7121.


While you are checking out the new alumni page, be sure to Update Your Information on the Alumni Services page. This will update your address, job, name…whatever needs changing in your record here in the Alumni Office. Our information about you is only as good as what you provide.


If you have already registered for HUB using your old msoe.edu email address, go to your settings and edit your login.


I look forward to hearing from you. Visit the calendar on HUB to see what event is planned for your area and be sure to visit campus whenever you are in the neighborhood.


Good talking to you!