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Wow isn't the MSOE HUB nice?  So much more aesthetically appealing than the old site.  So much more so that I almost don't notice that it's HARD AS **** TO FIND WHAT I WANT ON THIS SITE!

About three time's now I've needed to find something on this site, something that was super easy to locate on the old one, and have come up empty handed.  I haven't looked into whether any of these items have been published since I last looked, but I couldn't find a useful academic calendar, the phone number for career services or the financial aid office (just a super neat webpage showing me how awesome they are), and finally I couldn't find out how to get my personal webpage back.  In previous years when I put webpages in my myWeb folder, msoe hosted them to my domain.  Is that done?  I thought that was a nice perk of being an MSOE student.  I'm sure it will get better, but right now I dread using the Hub to find information.


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