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The Hunger Games

Posted by Mark Anderson Sep 17, 2013

I just read the book The Hunger Games.  I haven't seen the movie.  A few thoughts on what I read:

  • It was certainly a gripping read.
  • I had conflicting feelings feelings inside throughout the book.  There is an underlying--well probably overt--contempt of the audience in the "Capital" that they could be so captivated by such gruesome bloodshed.  Real people were made trivial in their existence because their battle to survive served simply to entertain spectators.  Ironically, this is what makes the story so gripping to read.  I was stuck between being repulsed and wanting to know what happened. 
  • One thing that kept me reading right up to the end was the hope that there would be a redemption of some sort.  I was disappointed that this did not seem to come, at least not in this, the first of a three book series. 
  • The ending of "the games" was chilling for me.  I think that the author finally touched on a level of evil that made me put the book down and forego reading any further, including the sequels.  With the appearance of the "mutts" I sensed that humanity had been violated in that those who had already been so brutally killing & killed were now resurrected into a state of violent hatred.

-->  I am reminded that evil is real--and that it can be really evil!  Unfortunately, far too many of the horrors of this novel have been played out in the course of human history.

-->  In the course of staring down things like evil, hopelessness, despair, injustice, etc., I was reminded of how incredibly valuable hope is.  Jesus said, "In this world, you will have trouble.  But, take heart.  I have overcome the world!"

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