State of the Union Addresses of the Presidents of the United States



CHECK OUT SOME OF THE STATE OF THE UNION SPEECHES ON THE LINK ABOVE...imagine these men sharing their ideas and visions for our Nation with Congress and the People. Now also imagine the time period for which those words were shared and reflect upon the challenges faced by those men who spoke them. Did there visions for a BETTER AMERICA come true? 


FACE CHALLENGE: Can you name all the Presidents pictured above?


10 QUOTE CHALLENGE? Check out which Presidents said the following during their State of the Union Addresses!


1) RICHARD NIXON - 1971 - "This can be the Congress that launched a new era in American medicine, in which the quality of medical care was enhanced while the costs were made less burdensome."

2) FRANKLIN PIERCE - 1854 - "The bill of the last session providing for an increase of the pay of the rank and file of the Army has had beneficial results, not only in facilitating enlistments, but in obvious improvement in the class of men who enter the service."

3) BENJAMIN HARRISON - 1890 - "The revision of our treaty relations with the Empire of Japan has continued to be the subject of consideration and of correspondence. The questions involved are both grave and delicate; and while it will be my duty to see that the interests of the United States are not by any changes exposed to undue discrimination, I sincerely hope that such revision as will satisfy the legitimate expectations of the Japanese Government and maintain the present and long-existing friendly relations between Japan and the United States will be effected."

4) THOMAS JEFFERSON - 1801 -  "I can not omit recommending a revisal of the laws on the subject of naturalization. Considering the ordinary chances of human life, a denial of citizenship under a residence of 14 years is a denial to a great proportion of those who ask it."

5) DWIGHT EISENHOWER - 1959 - "If we cannot live within our means during such a time of rising prosperity, the hope for fiscal integrity will fade. If we persist in living beyond our means, we make it difficult for every family in our land to balance its own household budget. But to live within our means would be a tangible demonstration of the self-discipline needed to assure a stable dollar."

6) JAMES EARL CARTER - 1978 -  "National Health Insurance will not solve all our health problems. A sensible national health policy also requires more effective delivery of preventive services, better nutrition, vigorous abatement of environmental and occupational threats to health, and efforts to change individual lifestyles that endanger health. But National Health Insurance is a crucial step. It will protect our people from ruinous medical bills and provide each citizen with better access to sound and balanced health insurance coverage."

7) GERALD R. FORD - 1975 - "To provide the critical stability for our domestic energy production in the face of world price uncertainty, I will request legislation to authorize and require tariffs, import quotas, or price floors to protect our energy prices at levels which will achieve energy independence."

8) GEORGE W. BUSH - 2002 - "Retirement security also depends upon keeping the commitments of Social Security, and we will."

9) LYNDON B. JOHNSON - 1968 - "But the people also recognize that the National Government can and the National Government should help the cities and the States in their war on crime to the full extent of its resources and its constitutional authority. And this we shall do."

10) ABRAHAM LINCOLN - 1863 - "In common with other Western powers, our relations with Japan have been brought into serious jeopardy through the perverse opposition of the hereditary aristocracy of the Empire."