If you have ever spent any 'QUALITY TIME" with me, you know I have an issue with "TEXTING DURING FAMILY TIME" - Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE technology and social media...absolutely LOVE IT! Social Media provides an opportunity to interact with the world, make your voice heard from the smallest corner to the largest room, and allows you to develop a new perspective on issues that you may have been closed-minded on.


But when you have an opportunity for one-on-one human interaction, WOW...that far outweighs technology and social media...it really does.


Look Up - YouTube

look up.JPG.jpg


I want to thank a friend, Kim S, for sharing this video with me, as it really does say something very touching and very true. I hope you enjoy it.


This past Saturday, I had a chance to spend time with some great friends...went to a college baseball game at a park, ran around the area with my friend's kids...created games from nothing, ran around the bases (okay I walked), through the ball around, then went shopping, went to Wendy's, McDonald's and TGIF all in a day, spent time at Miller Park, ran around the statues, climbed on outside items at the stadium (that I don't think we were supposed to climb on), watched part of a little league game on the old County Stadium home field...even watched my friend's kids play on the jungle gyms (if they are still called that). And I got sunburned. Did I spend time on social media, absolutely...but not until after everyone was gone...I had held off during the time that I was with others (okay the lack of internet service impacted that a bit too).


That's the most I have done outside in awhile...but loved it.


So my simple message this week...is to "Don't text, call, write, respond, post during Family Time"...photos are totally cool though...as they document your time you just spent with family and friends. (You can post them later though)


One other thing...going to a movie or a restaurant...leave the phone in the car...enjoy time with the person(s) you are with.


Technology definitely keeps are minds sharp, but can also keep our hearts empty.


My challenge for you all this week...if spending time with family or friends, turn off the phone, leave it in the car or the other room. Spend time with the person next to you and interact with the person not there...a bit later.




P.S. .funny how I am using social media to encourage you to put social media down for a few moments.