• The spring schedule is now available online here. You can also now access Scheduler here to assist you in creating your spring quarter schedule.
  • Registration begins on February 12, 2014. Your registration time is determined by your successfully completed credits. This includes AP credit, transfer credit, etc. You can find your registration form with the time and date you are scheduled to register on my.msoe.
  • You cannot register if you have a Hold on your account. You can check for holds within the Registration portlet of my.msoe. If you have a financial hold, please go to Student Accounts (CC437). If you have an advisor hold, you must make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your registration. After your appointment, your advisor will release the hold.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.




Registrar’s Office (CC365)


Phone:  414-277-7215


Fax:  414-277-6914