If you have a release on file to send a grade report to a third party (parent, scholarship, company, fraternity, etc), those grade reports will be mailed. 


If for any reason, you need a copy of your grade report mailed to you from our office, please reply to this email if you have not already done so in a previous quarter.  For the students who request that grades be mailed to them, they will be mailed to your local school-year address after the fall and winter terms and to your permanent address after the spring term.


To access your grade report:

o Login to www.my.msoe.edu using your email login and password.

o Click on the Students tab (tab along the top).

o Click on the Grade Info tab (tab on the left under where it says Students in black).

o Go to the Grade Report section of the page.

o Change the Term if needed.

o Click on View Final Grade Report link.

o Choose correct year and term from dropdown.


NOTE: An “NR” grade means that your instructor has not yet reported your grade.  We do enter any late grades as soon as we receive them, but you may contact your instructor or their department with questions.


Please feel free to contact the Registrar's Office if you have any questions.