What Courses are being offered?

The Summer Schedule of Classes is available as a PDF on the Registrar's space on the HUB. Note that there are three separate summer terms.  Be sure to check the notations for each class to confirm when it will be running. (“Scheduler” is not available for the summer schedule.)


When do I register?

Summer registration opened today, Tuesday, April 1st.

Summer registration is not restricted by date and time for individual students – you are able to register whenever you wish beginning on Tuesday, April 1st.

NOTE: Beginning on Monday of Week 6 (April 14th) holds will be placed on registration for the Fall Quarter. These holds will also prevent summer registration.  If you have not registered for summer prior to these holds being placed, you will need to either wait until your fall registration holds have been cleared in order to register for summer or you will need to stop by the Registrar’s Office to register in person.


Classes can be added and dropped on line through the end of the first week in which the specific class is scheduled:

               Classes beginning the week of May 26th can be added or dropped through 4:30 pm on Friday May 30th.

               Classes beginning the week of July 14th can be added or dropped through 4:30 pm on Friday July 18th.


Where do I register?

Most students choose to register on the myMSOE (my.msoe.edu) website, but if you do not feel comfortable registering by yourself or are having technical issues, please feel free to stop by the Registrar’s Office (CC365) and we can help you.

For step by step registration information, please check your MSOE email; directions were sent out today.