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If you ever have the joy of seeing my phone, you will probably react with a "How did you manage to bust your screen that badly?" Well contrary to popular belief, I am not the clumsiest person in the world. I earned every one of those cracks and lost every missing piece of glass with a smile.
I was recently asked to participate in the Student Support Services Welcome Week session. I was shocked when I saw the daunting title for the session. I reread 'Success Strategies for Eligible & Current Student Support Services Participants' about three times before I figured there had to be a mistake. Why would I be a possible candidate for a discussion about success? I deemed my time at MSOE as a struggle and a constant battle for sanity. I hesitantly agreed and thought 'well I was pretty good in my math courses...maybe I can draw something from there.' As I began to comprise a rough outline as to what I could possibly talk about, I realized I wasn't as much of a failure as I had originallyperceived. That was my key to surviving this college experience. I never gave up. I continue to use my cracked phone even though I have the means to get it fixed. Not because I don't care, but because it adds character. Let the cracks and missing pieces be your reminders that without failure we would not have an outlet for improvement and more over success.
So in conclusion, it is not so much our levels of success and failure that gets us through. It is understanding that with every crack or imperfection we have truly learned something.
PS: If you want to hear me ramble some more come to the CC-43 on Sunday, September 1st at 1:30 pm.