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    Feel free to join!

    Brianna Sutherland

      I made this to test out Hub, but feel free to post on here and discuss!

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          Ryan Cefalu

          I really like the new social site. There is one little feature that I feel our social website is lacking, an ability to make posts on an individual to individual basis, like facebook's wall. I don't mind the discussions and replying but I feel that if an area like a wall were to be made there could be more interaction.. Opinions anyone?Brianna SutherlandSally-Anne KaminskiSeandra MitchellAmy RoweDana Grennier


          Also everyone, join Brianna's group!!!

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              Brianna Sutherland

              I agree! And what about the chat tool we had on Bridge?

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                Sally-Anne Kaminski

                Hey Ryan!

                Thanks for your feedback! There is a way that you can accomplish this, but the difference between what The Hub has and what Facebook has is that the 1:1 communication is private, versus viewable on the person's profile. It's called a private discussion. You can have a private discussion with just one other person or with a few others. Why don't you give this a shot and see if that would fit your needs?


                To start a private discussion:

                1. Click on the red Create button in the upper right corner of the screen.

                2. Select Discussion from the dropdown menu.

                3. Enter a title for your discussion in the field at the top.

                4. Your discussion can be marked as a question to encourage people to answer for points. If your goal is to start a discussion but not look for one correct answer, do not check “Mark this discussion as a question.”

                5. Write your discussion starter in the content box. You can format your text however you’d like, or insert videos, images, hyperlinks, emoticons, or tables.

                6. To attach files, click the Browse button beneath the content field and select the files you want to upload.

                7. Select the Specific People radio button to work privately with a few people on the discussion.

                8. Enter the names of the people you wish to collaborate with privately.

                9. Add relevant tags to your discussion so it is easily searchable. Only those who have access to the private discussion will see it in search results. You can choose from a list of popular tags or write your own. Tags should be descriptive keywords that relate to the content of your document.

                10. Click Post.


                Let us know what you think of the private discussion functionality! We'll make sure we take your feedback into consideration.