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    Ideas for repurposing?

    Denise Gergetz
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      I love repurposing! I've got my eye out for an old school library card catalog to use in my living room.  Does anyone else have ideas for using things in new ways?

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          Nancy Tanaka

          If you have old film cameras in the attic that you will never use or that are broken, you can repurpose them into lamps. It's really neat because you use the lens for the light bulb to shine through.

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            Sarah Rowell

            I have seen those over-the-door shoe hangers used in the front closet to store winter items like hats, scarves, and gloves. If you put one over the door of your utility closet, you can use them to house your bottles of cleansers and sprays for easy access.


            Also, if you clean out your tuna cans (really well) and they don't have sharp edges, they make an easy way to organize a drawer containing lots of little odds and ends. The exposed metal gives it a kind of utilitarian/industrial feel. My thought to add to that is if the drawer is deep enough, maybe you could add a thin board over the top of them, perhaps with a hole as a finger grip for easy removal, and double the drawer space.

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              Kara Stuiber

              I love repurposing things! I currently love my milk crate book shelf. I also just started a window pane dry erase board. Find an older glass window and it is instantly a dry erase board.If you want to get fancy, you can put fun scrapbooking paper behind the various panes. I also made one from a larger picture frame I got at goodwill. For that, it was way fun to get creative with the background. You could do all sorts of stuff and themes are always good. i.e. Star Wars