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    Post Wisdom Teeth Food Ideas

    Andrew Dietenberger
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      I just had my wisdom teeth removed. I need some ideas of what to eat for the next couple days. Also, i wouldn't mind some great foods to go crazy on when I'm finally healed.

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          Lisa Rivero

          Ouch. Our son went through this a few years ago. If you have access to a blender, smoothies with yogurt, bananas and/or berries, and peanut butter are filling. Cottage cheese is good. Scrambled eggs or soft omelets. Soft pasta such as well-cooked mac & cheese once your mouth can handle it. Personally, I would go crazy on crusty pizza once all is healed. Feel better soon.

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            Mark Anderson

            I had my wisdom teeth pulled a couple of years ago along with another tooth as well (5 in all).  No fun and they bled for quite a while afterwards.  Cool and creamy things really hit the spot like yogurt, smoothies, chocolate milk.  Once they were a little less sensitive, I ate oatmeal with strawberry jam, and things like that, until I could start chewing again.