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    MAGE - Minecraft

    Jacob Walesa

      Hello MAGE

      I am a new freshmen here at MSOE and am interested in joining MAGE.  One game I particularly enjoy, especially within a great community is Minecraft.  During welcome week I have met a few other freshmen who play MC, and even my Student Adviser mentioned that he played.  I was wondering if MAGE had an existing Minecraft server either professionally hosted or run by a student member or otherwise.  If not I would be happy to assist in starting one as I have experience running a very small server for just myself and a few friends.  Let me know if any of you play minecraft, if MAGE has a server, and if you want a server what you would like to see in it (mods, mod packs, plugins, etc.) ! !

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          Kelly Wassberg



          MAGE loves Minecraft! Last year we had a student member hosting a Minecraft server, but I am unsure of whether he will be continuing that this year or not. If he is, we will be posting the server info on the bulletin board next week, or as soon as he can get it up and running. If you don't see anything there please bring it up at our first meeting(Monday week 2 at noon), and we would be more than happy if you could run one for us, and we can get input on what everyone wants to see for mods. We hope to see you there!