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    Freshman parent question

    Denise Walder

      As the parent of a freshman, I am wondering how we will know how our son is doing academically? Unfortunately, I missed the move in day session that discussed this question.

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          Kip Kussman

          Hi Denise-


          Sorry you weren't able to make the session. Your son can elect to sign a FERPA release which gives you access to his academic information. That would be a decision that he would have to make.


          Hope this helps.


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            Fred Blessinger

            The FERPA only allows you to see how they are doing at the end of the semester.  You don't have any way to track how they are doing doing the semester


            At the Saturday session they stressed having the FERPA signed, but noted that if there are REAL troubles they will get word to the parents somehow.  Again, that will be at the end of a semester (technically quarter at MSOE), not mid-semester like most of us were used to doing while they were in high school.

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              Mary Nielsen

              Parents, welcome to the MSOE family!


              The students will receive a syllabus in each class that outlines how the grade for that course will be calculated.  So, if the student takes the syllabi for each class and makes some sort of document that indicates each assignment/lab/test in each class and the percentage of the grade for each item, they should know how they are doing throughout the term and be able to share that with you.  I know that high schools have high tech ways to do that, but sometimes the old-school ways work just as good.