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    WTH? WTF?--What's the Fraternity?

    James Kearn
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      Throughout Welcome Week myself as well as every other incoming student, whether Freshmen, Transfer, or Exchange, has sat through a vast amount of presentations and have had opportunities to go to fun and free events. Many of these seminars and events have been hosted by Fraternities or Sororities. They both present skillfully and work as a team but what is the point of their existence? What is the importance of their exsitence for me, a brand-spanking-new MSOE student. I'd really like to know.

      If anyone could help me understand the "Greek" life, your help would be highly appreciated.


      The pros and cons of joining a Fraternity or a Sorority or a praticular one over another. And if you cannot list cons, how about challenges? Rewards?


      Thanks and I apologize if I threw you off with the abbreviation; whose cousin is less agreeable and far more vulgar.

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          Ben Kealty

          Hey James,


          Many people throughout college try to find their fit. There really is an option for everyone at MSOE with the 70ish organizations we have to offer on campus. The overall objectives of greeks in general is to try to build you up and make you a better person. We all have different focuses, some of us focus athletics heavily, some focus more on the philanthropic aspect, some focus on professional.


          Joining a greek organization can be a great experience. I can only speak from personal experience (Sigma Phi Delta) , with my fraternity I have learned a great deal about leadership and professionalism. I personally wouldn't know what I would do without my brothers. For me the greek experience was the right fit and is a decision that I wouldn't retract upon.


          My advice would be to check out the fraternities on campus. Currently there is Sigma Phi Delta, Tau Sigma Nu, Triangle, and Delta Sigma Phi fraternities on campus.


          If you have any questions or would like to know about any of our events shoot me an email, or come to any of the greeks events.