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    If you are wondering if MSOE's Accelerated Nursing program is for you, read further!

    Judith Prest

      The MSOE School of Nursing aspires to excellence in educating nurses who impact society as expert practitioners, leaders and scholars. The accelerated nursing program has a number of courses that would be required in order to be considered for acceptance into the accelerated nursing program.  Follow the link to see a detailed description of our accelerated BSN


      At MSOE applicants with an Undergraduate degree in a related field, who graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and who meet our acceptance criteria, can be accepted into the accelerated program.  Once enrolled, students complete their BSN in only 16 consecutive months (six consecutive academic terms) taking 16-18 credits per quarter.  This is a new program, and the first 16 month program just began Q1 of the 2013/2014 academic calendar year.  Our next group of students is scheduled to start quarter 3 on Monday March 10th. The deadline for applications for this term is Friday January 10th. With nursing training, starting from day one of your education, you will feel confident that you will be the best nurse you can be.


      In order to move forward with the application process, you can fill out a free online application.   If you have any questions about additional requirements for admissions into this program, please post them in this discussion forum.