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    Classroom Technology - Getting to know the new technology

      As many of you may have noticed, quite a few Classrooms, especially all the Library Building Classrooms have been upgraded to include Dual Ultra-Short throw projectors, Document Cameras, a Built-in PC with SmartPodium touch screen, and a state of the art control system.


      We encourage everyone to use these systems regularly in your classes and if you still use an overhead projector, to consider converting your transparencies to .PDF files.


      In order to use these system to their fullest and get the greatest benefits for your students and yourself, you will need to do some learning on your own, just like preparing for a new class.


      To facilitate your learning of these new systems and their capabilities, we have created several Instructional manuals and "cheat-sheets".  All information regarding Classroom Technology can be found easily on the new HUB site by using the Search box and the search key word: AV or av.


      NOTE: Please make sure you are Logged into HUB before trying a search.  If you are not Logged into HUB, you will only see what is available to the average web user in the world that happens upon our site.


      To further help you in becoming a Classroom Technolgy "Guru" we are in the process of creating a "Training Center" within S-208 (the former Nursing Lab).  This Training Center will contain a fully operational Classroom system with dual projectors, Document Camera, Smart Podium and control system.


      We hope to release details regarding Training Sessions etc very soon.


      Stay Tuned !!


      Robert Rack

      Classroom Technology Specialist