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    Why MSOE?

    Stephen Walls

      OK I am a junior in high school and I have been getting a lot of stuff from this school, and I've been reading some of the forums and it seams like a pretty nice school but i just want to know why do you like MSOE and what makes it different and better than other school? I look forward to your responses?

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          Ruth Spragins

          Hey Stephen, My name is Ruth Spragins and I am a sophomore Architectural Engineering student here at MSOE. One of the main things that I really love about MSOE is that the classes are small. The most I have ever had in my class is about 27 students and because you have such small classes, professors will learn your name. You're never just another face in the classroom. Also, professors here are always willing to help you understand something or help out any way they can, which is amazing. Another thing that really made MSOE stand out to me, is the job placement rate after graduation and how MSOE prepares you for the work force. Hope this helps!!

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            Landon Mara

            Hi Stephen!

            My name is Landon Mara. I am majoring in industrial engineering and am also a resident assistant on campus. I can give you reasons to attend this university versus a larger university. I had just had an argument with my girlfriend the other night about which of our schools were better(she attends UW-Madison). I told her we had smaller classes and we could get to know our professors on a level that she couldn't(Madison has 40,000 students). I also told her we leaped right into our majors and we didn't have to go through the process of first taking general education classes and then applying to our desired major (we do take gen eds, just not as many). She then became mad at me because she had to go through gen.ed classes and I didn't have to. She then began to argue the point that general education classes were really good to take because then you are a more well rounded college graduate.  It depends on what you are after. At MSOE, we choose to focus more on math, science and engineering with gen ed classes and electives here and there. If you are going to be an engineer then be an engineer. At MSOE they mold you into whatever you wish to be. We focus on studying what we need to know to be the best at what we want to be. We don't waste time studying things we do not need to know. Here you will get exactly what you ask for, whether it is a business, engineering, or nursing degree.

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              Nancy Tanaka

              The main reason as to why I attended MSOE is because of the content taught in the courses. A few of my friends are attending other engineering universities, and when I try to describe what I'm learning in my courses they become very confused. Some of those people are even studing in similar fields, so one would think they would be able to understand a little of what I'm learning in my courses. The truth is that in every major at MSOE, the students end up learning more skills/knowledge in their field than most students who attend another university. My roommate is in the Nursing program, and she came back one day saying that the only ones who could answer the nurse's questions were MSOE students and the more experienced nurses at the hospital. The interns from other schools weren't as equipped as they were for the workforce. Even one of my professors said that his son never learned as extensive material as we did. When he went to show his son the laboratory exercieses he was teaching, his son was very impressed at the quality of the work. Also, because MSOE students learn so much, many employers are not hesitant to hire students with an MSOE background. When I went to my job interview, the interviewer said that when they see MSOE in the resume, they consider the applicant more than not due to the fact that they know MSOE produces quality students who are ready to jump right in to the workforce.

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                Debra Jenks



                I love the replies  you've received from the students-- as a faculty member and Chair of the School of Nursing, I'll add my perspective on why I love working here--

                For me (and many other faculty) it is the small school environment and the ability to know my colleagues in other departments and my students.   You have to try pretty hard to be invisible in the classroom at MSOE.  We know who you are - I think that is a good thing.  I can't imaging lecturing to a room of 100-200 students.  98% (an estimate, I may be off by a point or 2) of our courses are 35 or fewer students.  We have 3 classroom spaces that seat over 50 people.


                Come visit campus-- we have an open house coming up

                Dr. Jenks

                School of Nursing

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                  Brianna Sutherland

                  Hi Stephen!


                            My name is Brianna. I am a Freshman here at MSOE and I am majoring in Electrical Engineering. In high school, I was not sure as to where I wanted to go to school. I knew what degree I wanted to pursue, but I couldn't find a school that I really liked. I finally took a tour of MSOE my Senior year and I loved it! I have to say it: as soon as I set foot on campus, I knew I belonged here. Yes, it's cheesy, but it's true. I thought I wanted to go to a bigger school, but now that I'm here I'm glad I chose a smaller school. The class sizes are perfect, professors know my name and have plenty of time to answer any questions I have. I also live on campus, so making friends was really easy to do. During Welcome Week, I met so many students and not only freshmen, I met people from all classes. Along with staff being helpful, students are as well. I honestly have gotten help with a class at 2 am. If you need anything, someone is here to help you at any time! Another part is getting involved! There are so many clubs and organizations to choose from and getting involved is another great way to meet people.

                       I hope I helped a little! There is an Open House this Saturday, if you're interested in stopping by. Otherwise, keep an eye out for future Open Houses, Junior Visit Days, etc. You can always contact us if you want to take a tour at a different time!