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    Career Fairs and Placement for Business Students

    Mitch Trewyn

      Has anyone been worried about finding a job in a Business-related major due to MSOE giving off the impression of being an Engineering school?  This was my original thought my Freshman year, which proved to be somewhat true after looking at all the companies that were looking for specific positions. 


      This year I checked out some of the companies that were going to be at the career fair and realized that there were gong to be 39 companies there looking for a student majoring in Management Information Systems alone.  This is a large increase from the 5-10 companies that were searching my Freshman year, which is a great sign for any student looking for a position to better their experience in their industry.


      Has anyone else noticed an increase in the opening positions looking to be filled in their business-related position?

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          Hi  Mitch Trewyn,


          You're right, the numbers are definitely increasing.  A few things may be happening, though.  The biggest reason is your freshman year was during the recession, so fewer companies were here in general.  Next, and I mentioned this in another post just now, but you have to take the "desired majors" with a big grain of salt for a few reasons.  This is true for every major, not just Business.  First, that field is a required field on the registration form, and some companies spend as little time as possible filling it out.  They just select the first few majors they see and move on, rather than critically analyzing all the majors to determine if they would be a good fit.  Second, the person who registers the company in July may not in fact know who will be attending the fair in October and what majors that person would actually be interested in or what jobs will actually be available.  Quite often there is a big disconnect with that, and company needs can change many times in just a few months.


          Your major (and all the majors in the Rader School of Business) gives you the skills and experiences that will benefit any company.  Even though 39 happened to check MIS on the registration form, plenty more would be interested in talking to you.  If you ignore the list of desired majors and focus instead on the company descriptions and websites, you will find a number of companies that could be a good fit.


          Let me or our director, Dr. Mary Spencer, know if there is anything we can do to assist your search.  Thanks for starting this conversation!