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    Graduate School or Industry

    Patrick Van Handel

      Graduates from MSOE have two main paths upon graduation: Industry or Graduate School. Many of the  Engineering students choose graduate school because of the specializations that a Ph. D. or Masters can give them. Which path do you think you would like to take upon graduation? 

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          Zach Rupcic

          It depends on how confident you are with what you want to do with your career.  It also depends on your major or field of interest.  If going for a masters in a technical or science program, you'll want to continue on right out of undergrad while everything is still fresh and you're in the student mindset, if you're financially able to.  If one wants to go partake in a more businesses orientated graduate program, I would suggest entering industry first and see what things are like in the real world.  It will expose you to the realities of engineering and business, which are probably not quite what you imagine them to be as an undergrad.  That practical work experience can go a long way if going after a business orientated master's degree.  More importantly, you can probably get your company to pay for it;)