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    Have you tried AccessEngineering? Do you like it?

    Sarah Rowell
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      AccessEngineering, a new trial database, is available at http://accessengineeringlibrary.com!


      AccessEngineering is an accredited reference tool for engineering professionals, academics, and students.  Broken down by the type of engineering, AccessEngineering is simple to navigate.


      AccessEngineering provides integrated access to thousands of pages of trusted content from such renowned resources as Perry’s Handbook for Chemical Engineers and Marks’ Standard for Mechanical Engineers, as well as newer resources, such as Mechatronics in Medicine.


      To use the trial you must be on campus connected to the MSOE network.  This trial will be running until October 31.


      Features of AccessEngineering includes:

      • Renown engineering handbooks
      • Powerful search tools
      • Global professional engineering news
      • Interactive graphs
      • Instructive videos delivered by top engineering faculty
      • Curriculum guides that help faculty incorporate key engineering reference material into classes
      • Cross discipline student study guides


      Once you give it a try, please contact us (library@msoe.edu) and let know how you liked it. Your feedback is important to us.