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    Stephen Walls
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      Hello I am a junior and high school and this year I'm joining the national guard this year and I want to know does MSOE have an ROTC program and what is it like?

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          Hey Stephen!


          ROTC is pretty cool how it works at MSOE.  Although it is not run directly here on campus we actually just head over to Marquette University (about a mile away) to do the ROTC program.  That way, you complete your degree here at MSOE and still get to experience another campus too!


          From what I have heard from students who participate in ROTC seem to really enjoy it!


          I know one person to consider reaching out to is DJ Finkes.  He might have some good thoughts as well!


          Hope this helps


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            DJ Finkes

            Hi Stephen,


            My name is DJ Finkes and I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering student at MSOE. I have been involved in the Naval ROTC program throughout my tenure at MSOE. Like Mandy Runnalls said the majority of the ROTC obligations take place at Marquette. The basics for each program (Navy/Marine Corps, Army, and Airforce) include physical fitness a couple times a week, wearing the designated uniform at least once a week and attending leadership training sessions.


            For the Navy ROTC my weekly life goes as follows:

            MONDAY: Physical Training (PT) in the morning then a Naval Science class at 0800. Taught by one of the unit staff officers

            TUESDAY: Drill Practice. Typically the beginning of the semester and is halted after attending a drill competition

            WEDNESDAY: PT and class

            THURSDAY: Uniform day, have to be in the respective uniform from 0800 to 1600 and a 2 hour drill period (briefs and training) from 1400 to 1600

            FRIDAY: class at MU at 0800


            There are additional requirement but this is the basis for the involvement in the program. The big focus is academics first followed by physical fitness.


            If you have any questions feel free to message me here, or by email at finkesd@msoe.edu.


            DJ Finkes