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    Rader School of Business Opportunities

    Seandra Mitchell

      Getting a degree from MSOE affords our graduates with a variety of experience and opportunity.  Starting salaries range from $51,224 - $54,825, and our placement rates are very competitive as well.   Whether your major is in Business Management, International Business, Management Information Systems or Technical Communication, the Rader School of Business is a GREAT start to a bright future.  Your career options (just to name a few) include:

      • Buyer
      • Consultant
      • Brand and Product Development Manager
      • Network Analyst
      • Software Developer
      • Web Designer
      • Technical Writer

      Don't forget to connect with our Admission Ambassadors, Mitch Trewyn and Nathalie Oehlers, and they can share their experiences with you as well.

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          Mitch Trewyn

          I agree with Seandra here! Being a Senior this year I haven't seen the salaries yet, but I have seen how the placement ratings work in an MSOE student's benefit.  I was able to score an internship locally as a Junior and that experience is really helping me to get into doors with other companies looking for full-time students after they graduate.


          I'm open to tell any stories or answer any questions about the Rader School of Business as I'm currently a Senior pursuing a major in Management Information Systems.

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            Bill Markut

            As an early graduate of the business programs back in the old days, MSOE has consistently opened doors for me in getting employment opportunities, as well as, helping me gain assignments while acting as a consultant. For those who graduate or who have graduated and want to get into software consulting, feel free to contact me or look me up on LinkedIn.