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    Bus Passes

    Kayla Grogan
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      Does anyone else think it's kind of ridiculous that MSOE doesn't offer free or at least discounted bus passes? Every other college in downtown Milwaukee (e.g. Marquette, UWM, MIAD, etc.) offers them. I understand that we're kind of in the middle of everything, but I'm going to be living in Riverwest next year and I work across from Grand Avenue Mall and I'm not about to walk or bike 2 or 3 miles in snowy, 5 degree weather in the middle of January. Bus passes are $64 a month and while I'll probably end up having to pay that anyway I really can't afford it.

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          Kip Kussman

          Hey Kayla-


          Yes that would be a big hike...especially in a Wisconsin winter.  Have you asked Rick in Student Life if he has any thoughts or suggestions for your commute?  He may have some ideas for you or know of some resources.   Richard Gagliano

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            Jake Nagel

            Hey Kayla!


            Thank you for posting this. I feel the same frustration. I live a little less than 30 miles from MSOE and having a bus passes would make life soo much easier (granted I usually ride the Wisconsin Coach Lines on days I ride the bus).


            Otherwise, having bus passes would also allow us to check out some of Milwaukee's attractions on the weekends, etc and it would make life more exciting for students that live on campus and do not have a car with them.

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              Elizabeth Bitante

              Hi Kayla --


              I believe we already offer discounted bus passes through CCID. I know you can get at least two a week. I would go to the CCID desk and ask what the details are!



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                Nancy Tanaka

                MSOE used to give you 2 free bus passes per week, but now they charge you $1 per bus pass. And you can only get 2 discounted bus passes a week. I totally agree with you though. It would be very nice if MSOE had monthly/yearly bus passes. It would definitly promote safety by encouraging students to ride the bus rather than biking or walking long distances.