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    See and hear The Unlikely Candidates

    Joe Schrengohst
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      Tonight, October 26th  at the Rave, 2401 W Wisconsin Avenue at 7:30pm
      http://www.therave.com/concert_details.asp?id=4882Blue October with the Unlikely Candidates and Tori Vasquez
      Buy tickets at TheRave.com, or call 414-342-7283.

      Our grandson, Cole Male, is the lead guitarist for the Unlikely Candidates.
      He and Kyle Morris, the vocalist, started this band as a duo when they
      were in high school in Fort Worth, Texas. They and the band are now
      recording artists for Atlantic Records, who recently released their first
      CD titled "Follow My Feet." The song and the album are available on

      iTunes. The band is currently on a US tour with Blue October.


      Joe Schrengohst
      ECET, '63