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    IT Department Website

    David Andersen

      I cant seem to find a link to any information about our IT department.  I would like a phone number to call them as I am not on campus during normal hours.  The link in other posts fails.  When I follow this link, http://www.msoe.edu/community/campus-life/student-resources/information-technology-department-it#sthash.qnd24tDH.dpuf it says, "


      Hey, something must have gone wrong. It's not you - it's us! If you're not logged in, please do so here and try again. Otherwise, please contact us here and let us know what happened."

      I click the link to log me in but that takes me to the home page.

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          Kip Kussman

          Hi David-


          Sorry for all the problems.  We are working on fixing this right now.  We will actually be making a launch pad icon (those are the red buttons on the top of your page) on your Hub home page that will take you directly to the IT page that will have all the info you will need.  I'm hoping it will be ready this week.  In the mean time, here is the link that you are looking for:http://www.msoe.edu/community/campus-life/student-resources/information-technology-department-it


          Thanks for your patience and again I'm sorry for the inconvenience.



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            Jen Haro

            Hi David,


            The main phone number for the IT Helpdesk is 414-277-7288.


            You have actually come across a condition that several users have experienced with the IT portion of the web site only being accessible to current students, faculty, and staff. That is why you got the error message that you did and also why clicking the login link didn't help.


            We are currently building a public section of the site where everyone can access general information about the IT department. If you have any suggestions on information that would be helpful to you and other alumni, please feel free to let us know.


            We apologize for the inconvenience and will be happy to assist you with your specific questions when you have a chance to call.


            Thank you,