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    Acceptance Patience

    Jacob Paiser

      I was just wondering what the average time it takes to be sent an acceptance/denial letter was.

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          Hey Jacob,


          This time of year is crazy!! We have tons of applications pouring in every day, but let me give you the low down on the application process. Once you have applied, you will be assigned to an Admission Counselor. Your counselor will contact you and introduce themselves and all that good stuff. Then he/she will let you know if they have all the information they need or if they still need your ACT scores and/or HS Transcripts. Once your counselor has everything, they will go through your file and make the decision. Depending on how many applications your counselor has received and how quickly you get in your ACT and Transcripts, this process could take on average I'd say between 1-2 weeks.


          Regardless, your counselor will be in touch with you once they receive your application, and fill you in on the progress of your app along the way.


          I hope this helps!