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    Cheap HTs

    Jake Kremer

      It was nice to see everyone at the meeting today, it's very cool to have so many new members. Some people expressed interest in the small HT I brought along with me. It is a Baofeng UV-3R. It can be had on Amazon for $30 shipped. The UV-5R is a bit bigger but allows 4W  which may be nice for some. It also has a DTMF pad which is a nice feature. I do want to pick one up sometime soon. The UV-3R is very nice size and I just throw it in my glovebox as sort of a "beater" rig. Both are pretty nice and much. much cheaper than the VX-5R I got as my first rig.




      If anyone has any additional questions about the rig just let me know.

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          Richard Phillips

          I have a Wouxun KG-UV6X dual band HT.  I bought it at AES

          2 years ago at SuperFest (coming up in April).  they had a

          special on it.  It has 200 memories and puts out 5 watts.  I also

          bought the programming cable because populating 200

          memories via the keyboard is tedious.  I am happy with the

          HT, no problems so far.  I did buy an after market antenna to

          give me better reception and have used it to make contacts

          on the FM birds (amateur satellites).

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            Hans Schroeder

            Hi Jake - I just noticed that you are also a "Baofeng "victim" -- at least I am ("victim", that is).   I have the UV-5R model (pure chance) but that should not be drastically different from yours.   I have finally succeeded getting a response from our UHF repeater, so I have the frequencies and offset ok, but now I thought I would try to store it, and am again stymied.  I used #27 of the "Set-manu" (function menu)   but nothing happens.


            It may be that an incorrect set of data is stored in my Channel 2 from my earlier failed efforts, but looking for some command to clear a channel I find none.  I would think somewhere there would be write, read and clear options.


            Anywhere, whenever I feell up to it I will try again.  Meanwhile, if you have expereince with that, I would be interested to find out what you know.


            73,  Hans

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                Jake Kremer

                Hey. I actually just picked up a UV-5R last week, I have been very happy with it and it's a very nice rig for the price. I keep it at my work and added a Diamond SRH-320A to it that I had laying around. With the antenna upgrade I can hit our UHF repeater from inside my office which I find quite impressive.


                Anyways, the memory programming is not intuitive. You have to store a frequency to the memory twice-the first time stores the receive frequency, and the second time stores the transmit frequency.


                So, for your UHF repeater, assuming you have the correct offset/shift/CTCSS which you said you do, you would first tune to 443.025, then choose menu item #27, choose the memory channel you want to store it to, then store it to that memory. If your radio has a voice readout it should say "receiving memory". Next back out of the menu, tune to 448.025, then go through the same process. The voice this time the voice should say "transmitting memory" when you store it. Now you should be able to switch from VFO mode to memory mode and choose the UHF repeater on the memory channel that you stored it to.


                Let me know if you have any other questions. I may not be explaining it very well-here is a very helpful guide that I found which allowed me to to figure the memory programming out.


                WP4AOH: Baofeng UV-5R Overview and Manual Programming