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    Joseph Ashley
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      After being accepted to MSOE what are the next steps I should take in deciding whether MSOE is right for me? Are there any scholarships I can apply for at this time? In addition, are there any important deadlines that I should be aware of?

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          Jill Vande Boom



          I have included Mandy Runnalls to help guide you in the right direction for admission steps, but as far as deciding if the school is right for you, you need to look at what you are looking for in a school.

          A few questions would be do you want to personally know everyone in your grade and all your teachers, which would happen more at smaller schools like MSOE.  Or would you rather have the larger school feeling of larger class rooms sizes and more students around campus.  Another thing to decide on is will MSOE help you achieve in your major, will MSOE get you a job after you graduate.  These are just a few of the ways you can make a decision.  Also, location of the school, do you want to be in a city where there is always events going on, more in a rural area, or where there is nothing around you, so you can focus on school work. 

          The reason I chose MSOE was because I wanted to go to a small school were the teachers will get to know me personally and I can easily get to know everyone in my grade.  The atmosphere is great being in a city, since Milwaukee is not a huge city, but just big enough were there is something always going on. The main reason why I chose to go to MSOE was the job placement and how most of the teachers have actual field experience in your major, so they know what you need to know for your career. 

          I have included other students, so you can get a few point of views and not just mine. Brian Janus Zach Crouse

          Scholarship wise, there are plenty of opportunities at MSOE to get scholarships.  We have a webpage that lists any scholarship the financial aid department has found.  If you were to search scholarships on the www.msoe.edu page you should be able to get to the page and depending on the requirements of scholarships you could probably start filling some out not if you qualify. 

          I hope this helped I know it was a lot of information.



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            Amanda Wysk

            Congrats on being accepted! On the Financial Aid side, an important deadline to note is that our priority deadline to file the FAFSA is March 15th.


            As for scholarships, follow the Financial Aid Office for up to date information! Check out the Available Scholarship Opportunities folder for scholarships you can apply for even now while you're still in high school.

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              Hey Joseph!


              Everyone above is absolutely correct!  Like Jill said, you should definitely consider what you want in a school!  If you would ever like to shadow a class or just meet some students on campus and chat with me, we can set up a visit day for you on any date that might work best for you!


              We also have accepted student days which are nice for learning about more of the 'what its like to be a student on campus'.  At these dates, you will get to meet with faculty!


              Pretty much, whatever might help you feel comfortable, just let me know and we'll make it work


              As far as deadlines, since you are eligible for that Presidential Scholarship, you will DEFINITELY want to get your essay in--I believe that is due in February (don't worry I will make sure you don't miss that deadline!). 


              Amanda is absolutely correct as well.  You will want to get your FAFSA done prior to March 15th if possible to make that priority deadline.  This is typically what can help bring in additional money.  You are sitting pretty well with your current scholarships that you have received as well!


              Also, like Amanda said, make sure to follow the Financial Aid Office on Bridge--she always does her Money Mondays blog where she lets you know all of the new and exciting scholarships that are out there!


              phew, I know this is a lot to take in, but please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions! I am always happy to help!  If you need to call my office, my number is 414.277.2311.


              Hope this helps and that you are enjoying your Senior year thus far!!

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                Joseph Ashley

                Thanks everyone for your help! This is surely an exciting yet busy time of my life right now! I just want to make sure that I have all the information that I need to make the right decision regarding college, and that I don't miss any deadlines or opportunities presented to me! If I have anymore questions I'll be sure to ask!


                Thanks again!