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    Open Hearing - Discontinuation of MET Program

    Susan Miller
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      MSOE Faculty, Staff, and Students:


      I invite you all to attend a public hearing on Thursday, Nov. 14 at 4:30 p.m. in S-341 regarding the discontinuation of the MET program.


      Engineering technology programs were once the backbone of MSOE’s degree offerings. Graduates of the these programs have gone on to lead successful and rewarding careers. However, as MSOE’s reputation expands from regional to national, a greater emphasis on an engineering credential is warranted; especially for those seeking professional licensure in other states.


      An engineering degree improves a graduate’s chances for admission to graduate school as well as better position the graduate for employment where professional licensure is required. The latter is especially true for employment in companies that do business in states that require an accredited engineering degree as a condition of licensure.


      It is for these reasons that MSOE has decided to discontinue engineering technology offerings. We will continue to provide the courses, advising, and resources needed to see current students through graduation. We do expect that currently active students will remain continuously enrolled to ensure a timely graduation with an MET degree. Transfer students and students who hold an Associate of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology now have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) at MSOE.


      Fred Berry, D.E.

      VP of Academics


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          Perhaps you should attempt to contact those that haven't completed the program but have started it and are not currently attending. Occasionally, family, financial, medical or other reasons cause a student to stop attending, while fully intending to return, only to find out later you have discontinued their program.


          As a private college, you are free to discontinue programs. However, students like me, who haven't finished the program, find MSOE cancelled the program, while they receive NO usable credit from MSOE courses at a four year university. An MSOE credit transfers as to a UW school as 2/3 of a credit and NOTHING, nix, nil –  zee-row at MATC.


          To finish the BSEET started at MSOE, I must start from scratch, as MATC will count none of my 85 credits from MSOE toward the AAS program to transfer back to MSOE.


          Why not just go to UWM for the four years if MSOE is discontinuing engineering technology and they must all be repeated anyway?


          Perhaps you should allow a transfer of the gen-ed credits never completed at MSOE toward the AASEET started there. After all, there is a transfer agreement, but apparently it isn't reciprocal. Where is it published?


          There are likely only a few students that will suffer, but perhaps you should contact them individually, so they don't receive the unpleasant surprise MSOE has created for others.


          NO student should have a valid claim when stating they wasted their money at MSOE.