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    Clinical Engineer Full Time PMs Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

    Olga Imas

      St. Luke's Medical Center is looking to hire a biomedical engineer who has recently graduated, or will be graduating in the winter. Unfortunately, those seniors who will be graduating in the spring of next year are not eligible due to the immediate needs to fill this position, as well as the requirement to hold a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering (or related field of study).  If you know of anyone looking for a new position, will be graduating soon, or is currently unemployed, please pass this along.  If this position goes unfilled by the time the current senior class graduates in 2014, I will keep you posted. 


      We are a small department of six engineers and we are looking for a seventh.  If interested, candidates should go to the ‘Aurora Career’ webpage at http://www.aurorahealthcare.org/ and navigate to the ‘Careers’ hyperlink located in the ‘About Us’ section.  By searching ‘Clinical Engineer’ and selecting the Clinical Engineer Full Time PMs Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center post, the job description would become available.  Candidates should follow the application process as prompted by the webpage. 


      After orientation, which lasts a year, the new engineer would be responsible to work the evening shift (as noted in the job title and description) and support thoracic surgeons, cardiologists, and medical professionals with engineering aspects of mechanical circulatory support for patients in advance heart failure refractory to conventional medical therapy. 


      If interested, candidates should have a strong work ethic as this position is very demanding, but the positive impact that will be given to patients who are in end stage heart failure cannot be overstated. 


      All the best,


      Jonathan A. Cook

      Clinical Engineering

      Mechanical Circulatory Support


      Aurora Healthcare – St. Luke’s Medical Center

      2900 W. Oklahoma Ave.

      Milwaukee, WI 53215


      Phone: 414.646.0670

      Pager: 414.222.8684