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    Rockwell Collins Industry Day Visit and R&D Center Tour

    Walter Schilling

      On Monday, December 9rd, Rockwell Collins (an industry partner of the EECS Department) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa will be on campus at MSOE.  Rockwell Collins has graciously sponsored a dinner for MSOE students, and we would like to have a large attendance.


      As you can see from the announcement attached, we have a variety of exciting activities planned, starting with talks by a number of Rockwell Collins subject matter experts in classes.  During the Monday free hours, an information booth will be setup in the CC Building.  That will be followed up with an evening event including a keynote speakers on innovation, a Mexican dinner,  and free prizes!  Registration for this event is available at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Rn4q8wZTnbn5kbLx5dc1ACBLgD6T6mr_laAykgtToBw/viewform.



      In addition, we have arranged for a bus to take interested students to Cedar Rapids on Friday of week 2 to tour their facilities and have lunch with a number of MSOE alumni who work there.  Many students have toured in the past and have been impressed with the high tech applications they are working on involving displays and interfaces, GPS, software-defined radio, and much, much more.  The bus will depart from MSOE at about 7:00 AM on Friday, December 13, and return at about 9 PM.  We realize that most of you have Friday classes that may present obstacles in joining the tour; it is a great opportunity, however–if you would like to pursue it, I recommend discussing it with your faculty.  Space is limited, so you will need to sign up at the following website: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ICRLNsPaO4fM2oReZXGDjoXR8xKNS4AS1f1nrWUzjnU/viewform