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    Admission requirements help

    Sebastian Montoya

           Durring my Junior year of High school, I thought I was set on a Psychology major. Now looking back during my Senior year, having changed my Major to Computer Science or Software Engineering, my schedule isn't helping my advancement in to my college years. Are there any courses I could take over the summer after High School to ensure enrollment in your program? I am planning on a class on Calculus at my local community college as I have not taken a  course on Calculus yet--only a Pre-Calculus course my Junior year--but are there any others that you could recommend? Physics, engineering, etc. I really would appreciate my Senior schedule such as Chemistry, Statistics, and regular computer programming to not be very determining of my placement for future years in CS or SE.

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          Davinci Wallace

          Hello Sebastian,


          Thank you for reaching out to us.  You are on the right track by taking Calculus, but you should also take Physics as well.  We recommend that our engineering majors take the following: 4 years of math (we would like for you to be Calculus ready), 4 years of english, biology, chemistry, and physics. These  are only recommendations, not requirements. 

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