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    The new faxing system at MSOE

    Sarah Rowell

      Has anyone faxed with the new system yet? Do you have any hints, tricks, tips, etc. for the beginner?

      Also, is there a listing of the MSOE Departmental Fax numbers anywhere? A hub search for "fax numbers" did not bring one up.

      I'd like to make sure I know how to use it before its use is imperative. If anyone is similarly interested in sending a fax back and forth to confirm successful use, I will be happy to oblige.

      Thank you!


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          Sarah Rowell

          I am sure this information is posted elsewhere by IT but in case you land here first,  here are the instructions that I was sent more or less.


          Anyone can now send a fax directly through MSOE email.


          So say you want to send a fax to the local number 333-4444. All you need to do is address an email using the 7-digit local fax number with @fax.msoe.edu after it. So your To: address line would look like 3334444@fax.msoe.edu.

          You can then populate the cover page by filling in an email subject and typing the body portion of the email.

          Then just attach your Word, Excel, or PDF document to the email and it will arrive at the destination fax machine as a regular fax.

          Heads up: You'll have to scan any hard copies of documents first so you have them in an attachable form such as a PDF.


          For long distance faxing, use the 10 digit fax number (in addition to a country code if faxing outside the U.S.). For example a fax address within the United States might look like 15553334444@fax.msoe.edu.


          If you're trying to send something internally (just MSOE), you can accomplish this by treating it as a local fax and entering the 7-digit phone number of the Faculty/Staff/Department, but at that point it is little more than an email with an attachment.


          Incoming faxes show up as email. Check with your department as to whether there is a designated account for received faxes and/or if there is a person in charge of managing them.


          Happy faxing!

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