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    Operations Research Quick Facts

    Seandra Mitchell

      Did you know that Operations Research Students take many of the same courses as Industrial Engineers?  The neat thing about the program is that graduates will find employment on the "business" side of the house rather than the engineering side.  Critical skills needed to successfully complete the program include:

      • Knowledge and skills in applied mathematics, especially in probability and statistics, computer programming and other areas.
      • Display an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities
      • Communication, management and teamwork skills
      • Be well prepared to successfully complete a master's degree in Operations Research


      Did you also know that great career opportunities in almost every industry hires Operations Research Analysts?

      • Broadcast Companies improve advertising sales plans to increase revenue.
      • Package delivery companies design their overnight delivery network.  Airlines design faster crew recovery plan in case of schedule disruptions, flight delays and cancellations.
      • Auto Manufacturers optimize the way they design and test vehicle prototypes.
      • Entry-level Operations Research Analysts can expect annual salaries in the high $60,000s.
      • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that Operations Research Analysts will experience employment growth by 22% in the next decade.