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    Feedback: Hub as a collaboration space

    John-Paul Petersen
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      I was just going to try and use Hub to collaborate with some classmates on the sumo-bot project.  I had to share a dozen or so photos and documents at once, hoping to group them all into a single work space that we could all access and enter into discussion within.  I could not find a way to do this, is it possible?  Or do we have to upload each individual collaboration file as a separate workspace?  We currently use DropBox for such activities, sharing our thoughts via text file or mobile texting to each other if we are not in the same room.  It would be nice to use hub for more robust project collaboration but it doesn't seem possible.  A way to build a workspace for many shared documents with a discussion/comment feed for the members of the project would make this a very useful tool.  Any advice?

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          This is totally possible in Hub!  It sounds like you need a group space.  We are able to create that for you in CC313, within the admission office area.  We are available on December 6th from 1:30pm - 4:30pm.  Feel free to stop by and we will get you started. We can walk you through the group space and show you some cool features.  Bring the whole group if you would like!