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    Recommended Way to Post Event Pictures

    Charles Tritt

      Tonight the biomedical engineering juniors are going to do their progress and feasibility presentations at a dinner event sponsored  by MSOE and the Milwaukee IEEE section (http://www.msoe.edu/thread/2509). I plan to take some pictures. We have a BE Hub group (http://www.msoe.edu/groups/biomedical-engineering) and I want to post the pictures there. What is the recommended/best way to do this? I'm thinking blog post, but am not sure. I'm a heavy FB user and am looking for something like their albums feature.


      B.t.w., we'll also be web casting this event live (http://www.msoe.edu/groups/biomedical-engineering/blog/2013/12/10/class-of-2015-junior-presentations-to-be-webcast). Everyone is welcome to watch. Do any of you have suggestions regarding how I can promo our webcast on the Hub?