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    How much damage?

    Matthew Foster

      How much was truly lost, and how much data will eventually be recovered?


      Can we please get a straight answer as to how much information has been lost? Will any emails that were stored on MSOE's server be recovered, or is the only way to recover mail by backing up the outlook on our individual laptops?


      How do we address issues about potential job offers/bills/etc. that may have been sent to our @msoe.edu email addresses?


      Thank you.

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          Jen Haro



          You asked how much data was truly lost vs. how much will eventually be recovered and the answer is complex. Across the entire institution, the vast majority of the data is either already restored or in the process of being restored to an active status. In the case of the email that was stored on the servers, we did experience some data loss and we can't count on the recovery process to restore the information that was there. This is why we published instructions on how to save any locally cached email that our users may have on their computers so that they could retain anything that they still had access to.


          We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you, and others users, and will continue to work on improving our systems for the future.

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              Matthew Dixon

              So if we only use webmail you're saying that all of our data is completely gone? How does this even happen? You lost power in the server room and all of our emails are magically deleted off the hard drive? Do we not have any redundancy in our systems?

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                Devin Heck

                So how do I find my FAFSA stuff that I need? Or any old and important correspondence I specifically saved? It's gone? I thought we were supposed to be attending this mega-wow-awesome school, isn't that why I'm many grand in debt? So how come I can't even trust the email system I specifically have to use (since it's the only the professors require us to use)?

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                  Jennifer Farrell

                  Is this something that could be avoided in the future by migrating away from Outlook (something that I was under the impression had already started) to a service like Google?  It doesn't really matter for me because I forward everything to Google anyway and don't keep anything on the server, but I did lose a few days of potential email when the system was down.

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                  Jen Haro
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